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Belfius Mobile

About this app

Belfius Mobile – Bank. Insure. Make your life easier.
The Belfius Mobile banking app was already awarded the title of best app on the market for your banking needs. Now it has been recognised as the best app for your insurances, too!*
With Belfius Mobile, you can take care of your banking and insurance matters wherever you are. To transfer money, manage your finances, insurances or investments, monitor your loans, and much more. Quickly, efficiently and securely. Without forgetting our extra services that allow you to order your tickets for De Lijn, pay for a parking spot with 4411, order service cheques with Sodexo, buy or sell a property with Immovlan and more.
One thing is certain: banking will never be the same again.

Not a Belfius customer yet?
Easily become a Belfius customer via the app and receive a welcome gift when opening your first private bank account with Belfius!

Is this the first time you’re using the app?
Start by registering your smartphone or your tablet, using your bank card and card reader. That way the security of your transactions is totally guaranteed. Once you’ve registered, your secret code, fingerprint or face recognition will be all you need to log on!

The benefits of Belfius Mobile:
– available for both personal and business customers
– a handy summary of your bank accounts, as well as your accounts with other banks, your Mastercard, Visa or prepaid credit cards, your loans, your insurance policies and your investments…
– check your balance and latest transactions quickly without having to log on, or with your Android smartwatch
– it’s easy to make payments – by transfer, a QR code or Payconiq by Bancontact
– confirm the payment of your online purchases with a QR-code
– or pay contactless, simply by placing your smartphone next to the payment terminal
– get access to tons of services in your app: manage your service cheques of Sodexo, refuel without your card, pay for your parking spot, buy your bus tickets of De Lijn, find a skilled tradesman with Jaimy…
– easily adapt the limit of your credit card yourself, with just a click, or activate your card for use abroad
– activate and manage alerts so that you’re immediately notified of transactions on your account, a card that is not activated for use abroad…
– set up, track and deposit money into your pension savings account
– buy and sell investment funds or open an investment plan that invests in funds every month
– track your mandates
– get a clear view of your financial situation, now and in the future, thanks to your personalised YuMe tool
– stay informed thanks to investment or banking related news in your investment overview and in the main overview of the app
– take out your insurances (car, family, home…) and personalise them thanks to the various options available to you
– report damage to your vehicle and track your repair
– report damage to your home via myBo, your smart digital assistant
– easily check the amortisation table of your home loan
And that’s not all…
Download the Belfius Mobile app and discover all the possibilities of your own personalised bank!

Secure banking with your smartphone or your tablet!
Belfius Mobile enables you to manage your banking affairs via a secure connection. No personal information is ever stored on your device. And we recommend that you always use the most up-to-date version of the app – that way you always have the latest functionalities, plus the app will meet the most recent security standards.

What’s your opinion of the app?
Let us know. Tap on ‘Aide & Contact’ in the app and tell us what you think. Your experience allows us to keep improving Belfius Mobile.

* Belfius Mobile was given the title of the best banking app among big international banks in October 2020 and then the No.1 in Belgium in insurance (Feb. 2021). The 2 rankings were established by consulting firm Sia Partners.

Updated on
Jan 9, 2023


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